Monday, 4 February 2008

Vivid Group Launches Another MOSS 2007 WCM Public Internet Website -

Features :
Low page weight, no core.js - This makes the site faster than most MOSS 2007 WCM websites
Completely custom Master Pages and Page Layouts primarily comprising custom server controls (including custom navigation controls) and SharePoint web controls
Font size switching, page print mode
Custom Search Center, Site map page
Random "Our People" (staff profiles with images) featured on home page, randomly loaded from a site list
Latest News and Upcoming Events on home page automatically rolled up from most recent dated pages in news and events subsites respectively.
Most of the website is configurable via use of site lists, including header and footer links, home page service profiles and facility features
Service Profile Pages ( hooked into Facility Features site lists with the use of Lookup Fields, to make editing content easier.
Developed in record time =oP with the use of a custom site definition ( well 2 custom site defs if you count the custom search center custom site definition ), custom list features, content type binding features, List Lookup Field re-creation, fields and content type features, master page and page layout features, custom site provisioning of sites and pages from an XML file etc. etc.
The best part of it is, it's all in source control, which helps provide greater re-use of code in future projects.

A nice easy MOSS 2007 WCM Project, a simple site without too many content types, or too many page layouts. Still, the site shows off what MOSS 2007 WCM can do, the site architecture is primarily built on custom site lists, and page layout content types and it makes use of Search.

Special Thanks to the great team at Vivid Group, especially -
Leah Dent (Project Manager)
Matt Cahill (System Planning and MOSS Farm Hosting Environment Infrastructure Setup)
Brad Carpenter (Designer)
Simon Mateljan (Designer)
Jonathon King (Designer)

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Ted Assur said...

Looks Great! Can you speak more to, or point out reference about, custom search in MOSS?