Monday, 4 February 2008

Deploying Managed Properties and Crawled Properties for Search Between MOSS 2007 Servers

Shared Service Providers are where you create Managed Properties for use in Search for MOSS 2007. If you want to search back-end LOB system data, you need to crawl the BDC application for the SSP to create Crawled Properties.
The next step involves manually creating Managed Properties and mapping them to Crawled Properties.
Working on our redevelopment project we need to create over 25 Managed Properties and map them to crawl properties, this is a time consuming (at least half an hour) task, an their is room for error, you could select wrong Data Types, map to the wrong properties etc.
I have repeated this manual process many many times, not the best use of anyones time.
There is an API provided in Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Administration that allows you to automate creation of these.
Last week we had a visit from Angus Logan of Microsoft, after the visit he went back and whipped up a little console app demonstrating creation of Managed Properties and Mapping them to Crawled Properties.
Sahil Malik of winsmarts then picked it up and created an even better application that :
- Accept relevant inputs from the user- Export Managed Properties- Export Crawl Properties and relevant categories- Import Managed properties and map relevant crawl properties.
If you are working with creating Managed Properties and mapping them to Crawled Properties this will save you alot of time, and your sanity.
Check it out here

ORIGINALLY Published Thursday, November 16, 2006 3:50 PM

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