Monday, 4 February 2008

Caterpillar Dealer WesTrac Launches THREE MOSS 2007 Public Internet Web Sites

Vivid Group developed three public internet websites for WesTrac powered by Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Umbrella site for the world -
WesTrac Australia -
WesTrac China - (In Simplified Chinese)

The cool stuff
Virtual Earth Location Finder

Caterpillar Product Content

Caterpillar Applications hosted in a page viewer web part

Chinese English Language switching on the home page and a few other pages where there is dual


Random Backgrounds for home pages
The home page of each website loads with a random background image. The image is loaded randomly from a Picture Library, so if the background needs to change it's easy to add and remove new background images, very user friendly.

Use of Lists
Practically everything in the website runs off Lists. The Home Page Flash Movies, Links, Header Links, Footer Links and much more.
Lists are awesome because you get the nice List Management UI to add, edit List Items in a list, a lot easier than developing something similar from scratch.

As well as the usual functionality you get from a MOSS WCM Website.

These websites were also completed in record time, a lot less than any MOSS 2007 project I have been involved in so far. An excellent effort by the people at Vivid Group, and also the professional staff at WesTrac.

If you happen to be in Western Australia, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory or China, then browse the Product catalog in the websites and contact WesTrac for some quality equipment !


David said...

Hi Sezai,
I would like to know anymore about how you configured Lists in MOSS2007.
I should have to develop an internet site with product's list but I 'm not finding the right way.
Please could you give som tips and tricks?!?!?
Thank you very much for any helps
Best regards
David from Italy

Sezai said...

There are many ways to implement this -

For the Westrac websites we implemented products using a Product Page Layout - where each product has its own page which users can navigate to.

Pages are regular SharePoint List Items too so you can run queries against your product pages using the CQWP or develop custom SPQuery CAML Queries to rollup the products.