Tuesday, 27 May 2008

List of SharePoint Features with GUIDs

I came across this useful page which lists out all the MOSS 2007 Enterprise Feature names, their GUIDs and scope.


Hopefully I won't have to go hunting through the Features folder in the 12 Hive as much to track down feature names and guids.

Friday, 2 May 2008

National Native Title Tribunal - MOSS 2007 WCM Website Launched - Developed by the Vivid Group

We've finally finished development and launched the NNTT website - http://www.nntt.gov.au

Check it out ! It's the largest and most complex MOSS 2007 project we have been involved in to date.

This website proves MOSS 2007 as an Enterprise WCM platform the website contains over 20,000 pieces of content in the form of publishing pages, documents of various types and data integrated from back-end systems.

I thought I would write this quick blog post because others are linking to the website already - http://www.wssdemo.com/redir.aspx?ID=1713

Special Thanks go out to the people at Vivid Group that made this project a reality -

Richard Bloodworth - Project Manager and a very patient man :)
Tommy Segoro - Tommy developed entire sections of the site including ALL the mailing list integration with Microsoft CRM, InfoPath and also significant work on Master Pages, Page Layouts, Content Types, Site Columns and other advanced functionality such as flash integration, font-switching, print mode and text mode.
Mark Payne - Implemented and developed advanced custom approval workflow for managing the publishing process. If Mark wasn't on the job we'ld still be working on the workflow now!
Damian Worrad - Damian put together the Business Data Catalog application definition which is used to integrate back-end systems data.
Me - Page Layouts, Content Types, Site Columns and custom lists as well as all the custom search pages.
The Design Team - Brad Carpenter, Simon Mateljan, Jonathon King and Will "FLASH" Harvey - These guys did all the design work, html, flash and pretty stuff, the site looks awesome thanks to them.

I'ld also like to mention Gerald De Run (http://blogs.msdn.com/gderun) who helped us to implement advanced caching and reviewed our code to help refactor it to significantly increase performance, scalability and better memory usage. Thanks Gerald !

Last but not least I would like to thank the professional staff at the Tribunal who pushed us to produce such an awesome website with great functionality.

That's it for now - We have plans to do a detailed "how we did it" blog post which will feature on the SharePoint Team Blog and there are plans underway for a detailed Case Study.