Thursday, 3 September 2009

SPDocGen - SharePoint Documentation Generator - Full Source Code Uploaded

I've done some minor tweaks to SPDocGen, added some console output and a little error handling.

I've also uploaded the full source code for the solution, so feel free to modify it as you need.

SPDocGen - SharePoint Documentation Generator

Here's some ideas I have for further improving and building on the solution:

1. Implement command line parameters to let users specify what is output.
2. Create a winforms UI to allow users to specify what is output, and specify the XML, XSLT and DOC filenames.
3. Document even more Farm level information...
4. SPDocGen currently produces Farm Level documentation, the next step is to produce detailed Site Collection level documentation with detailed reporting of Site Collection specific info such as Content Types, Site Columns, Lists etc. etc.

Post a comment here if you're interested in being involved and collaborating on this further.

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