Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The New Central TAFE Website - Powered by MOSS 2007 developed by the Vivid Group

Vivid Group finished development of a new website for Central TAFE, which is one of the TAFE colleges in Western Australia.

Check it out here - http://www.centraltafe.wa.edu.au

The site contains font resizing, print friendly mode, RSS, Videos and more.

A custom course search was also developed which searches across Central TAFE's course database.


Anonymous said...

Good one , how you achieved font re-sizing, I can see you used IncreadeFont() and DecreseFont() jacascript methods, is it by using different CSS files??

Sezai said...

I'm not using different CSS files for font resizing.

Instead I am changing the Font-Style on the main DIV that wraps the content (in my case it's called 'wrapper') and this then affects all the text on the page.

I also persist the font size to a cookie and load it on other pages on the site - so when you change font size it persists across pages

Like this :

var element = document.getElementById("wrapper");
var fontSize = readCookie('fontCookie');
if (fontSize!=null)
element.style.fontSize = fontSize;